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Green Learning is the educational platform of the Green European Foundation. On Green Learning you can find free online courses through which you can develop your skills and knowledge in a variety of areas from the European Union, ecology and migration to activism, campaigning and combating hate speech online. Learn from top experts, politicians and activists and, why not, contribute to the knowledge library with your own content.

Each course is built as an interactive experience, featuring various formats of learning, such as videos, quizzes, presentations, live Online-Seminars, forum discussions and assignments.

Each course is supported by instructors with expertise in the field, so don’t shy away from asking for support. At the same time, the course forum provides for a safe space for exchanges and debates with the other participants. Feel free to come back when in need for inspiration!

Finished a course? Enjoy your certificate, which you can download and share directly from the platform. Our alumni are invited to connect with each other on social media, and they can choose to be contacted by green organisations in their region.

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Green Learning